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Spy Audio Devices

Our company is one of the reliable Suppliers & Service Providers of a wide range of Spy Audio Devices such as Audio Transmitter, Spy GSM Bug Pen Drive Shape, Spy GSM Bug, and Wireless Voice Transmitter with Recorder, Voice Changer Device, Digital Voice Recorder and many more items.

Approx. Rs 7,000 / Piece(s)

Item Code: AS-001

With the active support of our team of experts, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of Audio Transmitter.

These are featured with:


  • Effect range: 400~500 meters
  • Applicable for audio surveillance
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm jack, with volume adjust Button.


These superior make Audio Transmitter are being engineered by making use of genuine components.

Approx. Rs 15,000 / Piece(s)
This Land Line Phone Recorder allows you to automatically record both sides of a telephone conversation when connected to a BT style landline telephone socket. It is new to our range and gives a superb maximum total of 576 hours of recording time. It has certain features and a sleek design set it apart from standard high capacity recorders that are currently available. This is the perfect landline telephone recorder for extra long-term phone surveillance applications or simply a high capacity landline recorder to back up your own calls.

This unit, other than being able to record very high quality sound and voice, is packed with a huge range of additional features, not found on a standard digital recorder. This device when plugged into the landline will only record in response to sound on the telephone line itself because it automatically switches off the in-built microphone when connected to the landline. Other recorders that are not designed with this feature will still respond to sound in the room where they are placed and therefore if the room environment is noisy when a call is being recorded, then the room noise will be recorded as well as the call conversation, resulting in a garbled and confusing recording.
Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)

Item Code: AS-002

Our company is regarded as a specialist in offering a huge array of Spy GSM Bug Pen Drive Shape.


These are featured with :


  • Size: 60*30*10mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight: 19g
  • Sound Monitor
  • Spy bug/ Wire tapper/GSM sound monitor/Callback electronic alarm
  • Sound activated dial back function/Call back function
  • Sound above 65dB
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Can be used when it get charged by USB port
  • Card compatible: GSM/SIM
  • Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
  • Worldwide use
  • Disguised USB flash drive shape
  • No memory inside and no limit to distance and space.
Approx. Rs 8,000

Item Code: AS-003

We bring forth a comprehensive range of Spy GSM Bug.

These are featured with :


  • Infinite distance voice transmission (using the GSM signal transmission
  • No distance limit can be inter-provincial cross-border)
  • Dual microphone design
  • Ultra-clear sound
  • Small size as a match box
  • And portable 900/1800/1900 frequency with lithium battery inside too
  • Function of SMS to control voice activated on or off
  • If you don't want to voice activated function in sometimes, you can remote control to deactivate it.
  • It can save power
  • Voice activated function
  • If the surrounding voice is up to 60db, the monitor will automatically dial back to your phone to remind you that there are people around the monitor and they are talking, you can choose to listen or call back to monitor.

Item Code: AS-013

We have gained vast experience of sourcing, supplying, and exporting an impressive array of Spy Audio Devices that includes Wireless Voice Transmitter With Recorder. It provides crisp and HD sound and also facilitates voice recording and has a built-in external audio. The transmitter weighs 22 gram and the receiver weighs only 96 grams. These are manufactured by using high end technologies from the best quality basic components in modern manufacturing facilities. We follow rigid norms of quality that are in accordance with international standards to ensure flawless CCTV Cameras to our prestigious patrons.


  • Long distance function
  • Outstanding sound quality

Item Code: AS-014

Our clients are offered a wide range of Spy Audio Devices including Voice Changer Device that is used to disguise voice on telephone by changing voice from male to female or from female to male. It can also be used to change the voice to that of a robot by tuning the volume wheel. It can be used on any phone as the user only needs to speak normally by holding the device on the mouthpiece. It is very compact and can be easily carried in the pocket. It has an LED battery power indicator and pitch adjustor that allows selection of 8 different pitches. Its sound insulator facilitates cutting off noise interference. Our clients can avail this in blue or white color at reasonable prices.


  • Highly effective voice changing
  • Flawless finish

Other Information
  • Packaging Details: Color
Approx. Rs 9,500 / Piece(s)

Item Code: AS-006

Our prestigious clients are being offered a wide assortment of Spy Audio Devices such as Digital Voice Recorder that supports various formats such as MP3. WMA, WAV and so forth and has a very long recording time of 576 hours max. It can store as many as 999 files and has a built-in full direction condenser stereo MIC and battery consumption of 10 hours of earphone usage. It is highly compact and lightweight as it weighs only about 45 grams and measures 103.5 x 33 x 12 mm. This has been manufactured by using cutting edge technologies under rigid norms of quality in state of the art manufacturing facilities. We offer this to our prestigious  patrons at leading industry prices.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long service life

    Approx. Rs 4,500 / Piece(s)

    Item Code: AS-007

    Backed by our sound domain knowledge and in depth technological expertise we are offering a broad array of Spy Audio Devices including Spy USB Voice Recorder that is a one piece spy gadget. It has 2 in 1 functions as a flash drive and a voice recorder. This highly compact recording device can record up to 40-320 hours of audio and is ideal to record proceedings of meetings, programs, or even as personal protection device. It is very easy to operate and built with plug and play technology. It can be reviewed easily on computer and audio files can be simply transferred on computer. It is made by observing rigid norms of quality and offered at reasonable rates to our clients.


    • Highly compact and discreet
    • Flawless function

      Approx. Rs 6,500 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: AS-008


      • Ball pen one key to record,
      • Easy to operate.
      • Built-in flash memory
      • built-in high-sensitive microphone.
      Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: AS-009

      Specifications :

      • Frequency Range : UHF: 400-470 MHz
      • Channel Capacity : 16
      • Channel Spacing : 25 /12.5 KHz
      • Operating Voltage : 3.6V
      • Battery : 1200mAh (Li-ion)
      • Battery Life (5-5-90 duty cycle) : About 18 hours
      • Frequency Stability  : ±5ppm
      • Operating Temperature : -20~+50
      • Antenna Impedance : 50Ω
      • Weight (with antenna & battery) : 200g.

      Approx. Rs 7,500 / Piece(s)
      Screen Display: No Remote Control : No Cabinet Material: Plastic Package : No Interface : USB Use : Portable Audio , Mobile Phone Player, Speaker Type Computer: Surround Audio Classification : Sound Card Playback Function : MP3 Type : Passive Plastic Configuration special : wireless, portable , Mini Radio: Yes Speaker Structure : Sealed Loudspeaker Accommodation Mode : Channels Button: 2 ( 2.0 ) Display : No Model number: B20 Brand : Ubit
      Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: hgb

      Offering Hidden GSM Bug, Socket Listening Device with Voice Activated Call Back Function
      1. GSM listening device
      2. Voice activated call back
      3. Hidden GSM bug
      4. Socket works
      Hidden GSM bug, socket listening device with voice activated call back function

      Calculator GSM bug
      GSM bug
      GSM listening device
      Voice activated GSM bug call back
      Hidden gsm bug
      Hidden GSM listening device

      Northvision S5 is a hidden GSM bug built-into a normal socket.
      1. You can call it to listen to the voice around it
      2. It has voice activated sensor for call back function. When there is a voice around it, it will call your phone back.
      3. GSM bug powered by socket, no need to charge.
      Approx. Rs 6,000 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: sald

      Offering PC Mouse GSM Bug - Mouse Shaped Spy Audio Listening Device
      • This a audio bug device that listen to the surrounding sounds through a common GSM SIM card. It comes with the most ordinary look and function of a common mouse yet it comes with covert spy feature. You can dial the SIM card number and the device will automatically get activated to do the bugging, and as long as the mouse is connected with the PC it can work continuously without the trouble of power-off. And its built in litium battery can work continuously for 2 hours without connecting to a computer.
        GSM Frequency: Triband, 900/1800/1900Mhz
        Wide pick-up range, signal transmits by GSM, without distance limitations.
        Adopts dual mic design to ensure clear and true-to-life sound picking.
        Comes with all the functions of a common mouse
        As long as the mouse is connected with the PC it can work
        continuously without the trouble of power-off.
        Highly portable, easy to take along.
        User Manual
        1. Open back cover of the mouse, insert a GSM SIM card.
        2. When the red light indicator turns on it means the device can work normally.
        3. After 5 seconds when boot test process is finished, you can dial the SIM number and monitor the sounds around it.
        4. Charging Method: no need of extra charging, as it can get charged as long as the PC is started, its built in litium battery can work continuously for 2 hours without the power of the computer.
      Approx. Rs 5,000 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: SP-016

      GSM BUG with voice activation technology to secretly listen.
      *Simply insert a regular GSM SIM card (ATT or T-mobile, or any other USA operated), the slot is located inside the bulb, easy access.


      By calling the phone number associated with the SIM card inserted into the bulb the device answers automatically and you can listen.

      The device can be configured to perform VOICE TRIGGERED CALL BACK (the device will call you with any voices around the device), this can be done by using text messages


      1.Input power: 110V, Built-in power supply
      3.Connector type: E27

      Item Code: rh

      PHONI–New Retro Handset for Mobile–Talk without fear

      Reduce approximately 96% Radiation from your cell phone. Our Retro Handset for Mobile Phones is the new chic way to talk at home, in the office and out on the streets. Numerous medical reports have shown mobile phone radiation is dangerous to one’s health. The new Phoni Retro Handset reduce mobile phone radiation by a minimum of 96%, or even up to 100% for many mobile phones! To use the Retro Handset you will simply plug our accessory into your headphone output of the mobile device. In saying this, if your mobile phone does NOT have a headphone output port then it will not pair with our handset.

      Key Features:

      • Compatible with mostly all 3.5mm jack mobile phones including iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and LG.
      • Volume control adds ease of use
      • Very elegant Silicone rubber finish
      • Luxurious soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel.
      • Eliminates up to 99 percent of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of mobile phones.

      Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)


      • Case Material - Metal.
      • Audio format - wav.
      • Power - Li-Pol battery is 100 mA / h
      • Charging time - 3 hours
      • The time of the battery in normal mode - 30 hours
      • Hours without recharging mode Voice Activation (VAS) at a low level of sound - 180 hours
      • The time of the battery in standby mode - 7 months.
      • Range of built-in microphone - 7 ... 9 pm
      • The range of recordable frequencies - 100 Hz ... 10 kHz.
      • Bit audio codec - 10.
      • Recording Mode - mono.
      • Sampling frequencies - 5.5, 8, 11, 16 or 22 kHz.
      • Audio compression modes - no compression, u-Law, ADPCM 2-bit, ADPCM 4-bit.
      • PC connection - USB 1.1.
      • Dimensions - 29h12h15 mm.
      • Weight - 6 in
      • Operating temperature range - 0 ... +40 ° C.
      Approx. Rs 8,000 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: AS-010

      Features & Specs:

      • Works on cement wall, Lanter, concrete wall upto 10 inches
      • Works on wooden walls, doors, windows, steel plates, etc.
      • Spy Bug with earphones
      • Volume Dial to amplify sounds
      • 3.5mm Earphone Jack
      • USB IN ON/OFF
      • Switch Button with volume Dial.
      • Built In rechargeable battery.
      Approx. Rs 6,500 / Piece(s)
        Main Features:
      • 4GB large internal memory
      • Digital LCD screen
      • Support A-B repeat function, music function, HOLD  keys lock, day and time setting
      • MP3 format supported
      • Recording telephone conversations, lectures, meetings, interviews
      • High-fidelity recording
      • Support  rechargeable battery
      • Low battery indicating function
      • Professional appearance design, easy to carry
      Approx. Rs 6,200 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: AS-015

      Package Contents:

      • Transmitter
      • Receiver
      • Antenna
      • Earphone
      • Power charger
      • User manual
      Approx. Rs 9,000 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: scucb

      Are your kids safe online
      Is your spouse cheating on you
      Is your family hiding things behind you
      What people actually got in their head
      (It's common that some just do not to tell you the truth straight in face)
      This GSM SPY Device for inspection DEFINITELY can help you get all the answers/FACTS SECRETLY!
      Easy to use
      Just Insert a GSM SIM card into the slot and put the audio bug at hidden place, then dial the card number to monitor your target, you will hear the sound around the bug. (5-15m range)
      Insert the sim card to the slot, a red light flashes for one second, it means the device is ready, put the device in a hidden place which you want to surveillance the surroundings, just dial the sim card no. , you can hear the voice around around the bug (5-10m).
      Approx. Rs 6,500 / Piece(s)

      Portable and easy to use. The flash drive needs no cables or batteries, making perfect for the covert operative on the go.  It doesn't need to be plugged in.  Recording is as simple as a touch of the button. Usage could not be easier!

      Technical Specs
      • Audio Format: WAV
      • Audio Quality: 128 Kbps
      • Recording Capacity: 140 hours
      • Storage: Internal 4GB 
      • Battery Life: 15 hours
      • Weight: ½ oz
      • Dimensions: 2½" x 1" x ½"


      Approx. Rs 7,500 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: gsm

      Offering Gsm Bug PIR MP Alert Listening Device.
      Technical parameters:
      When body gets close to alarm cat, it will detect the signal activate the alarm
      Sensitivity is in highest level within 4 meters area
      Easily installed in indoor, financial office, master room, children`s room, warehouse, hospital and any other places needed security control
      Taking the most advanced wireless communication technology, is characteristic of low power consumption, long standby time and accuracy alarming
      Installing at certain height, aiming at the place where people walk through, sense the body movements within angle range around 120°of both left and right sides in the area of 4 meters around

      Monitoring and interception:
      After turning on, it be called and connected by communication tools
      Waiting for a few seconds after getting through, you hear clearly the situation
      10 meters area around
      Remote-control setting: when sensing is not in need, it be shut down by only sending 0000 with your mobile phone to the SIM card number, while sending 1111 will activate this sensing function. However, always keeps the monitoring automatically answer function on
      Operating frequency: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
      Working time:
      Body sensing: 5 to 7 days
      Not for body sensing: 15 to 20 days
      Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)
      • Infinite distance voice transmission (using the GSM signal transmission
      • No distance limit can be inter-provincial cross-border)
      • Dual microphone design
      • Ultra-clear sound
      • And portable 900/1800/1900 frequency with lithium battery inside too
      • Function of SMS to control voice activated on or off
      • If you don't want to voice activated function in sometimes, you can remote control to deactivate it.
      • It can save power
      • Voice activated function
      • If the surrounding voice is up to 60db, the monitor will automatically dial back to your phone to remind you that there are people around the monitor and they are talking, you can choose to listen or call back to monitor.
      Approx. Rs 12,000 / Piece(s)
      The camera has focus which enables you to get the best of pictures. Infrared function provide good pictures day and night, automatically switch from full colour to Infra Red depending upon the light conditions. Wirelessly transmitt the picture and sound to TV or computer, and can login from anywhere with an internet connection to check on whats going on, including Cell phone or PDA enable view the current situation while you are outside. Come with a 9v battery and adapter, choose any power supply mode according to your convenience! Simply place the camera at the location you wish to observe and plug the re ceiver in to a monitor, VCR or TV. It only takes few minutes to set up. Waterproof, can be used outside! Widely use in offices, supermarkets and warehouses for keeping an on eye on houses, cars and factories etc.
      Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera CCTV Newest Mode, High Sensitivity Wireless Pinhole Full-Color Camera with Receiver ! compact design, easy protable, Pinhole design, hide it anywhere! Great surveillance device.

      Specification :

      * Wireless Pinhole spy camera, with 4 LEDs.
      * The built in transmitter has a range of up to 100m(dependent on obstacles), optimal distance is 20-50 meters.
      * High resolution of 380 lines from its CMOS imaging chip set,provide high quality images.
      * Infrad red function up to 2 meters.
      * Supports TV system: NTSC
      Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)

      Item Code: gwp

      GSM Wireless Phone: This Desktop wireless GSM business phone for those people who want the standard look and feel of a traditional desktop office phone but with the functionality of a modern GSM mobile phone.
      Offering Old P4 Computer Pune.
      2.6 GZ, 512 MB RAM, 40 gb, 17"CRT, KEYBOARD , MOUSE
      Approx. Rs 8,500 / Piece(s)
      We are engaged in manufacturing premium range of Spy toy Camera that has a remarkable resolution of 1280*960 pixels and is capable of real time recording in AVI format with image size 4:3. It has a 2.0 mega pixel CMOS camera and is powered by 1a robust 150 mAh Lithium-ion battery. It is provided with USB 2.0 transfer interface and its dimensions are 13mm (D) X 154 mm (L) and its weight is 51 grams. These are available in vibrant colors of blue, black, red, and gold. These are made by using the highest grades of basic components under stringent quality norms by adhering to international standards.

      Product Features:-

      Simple Call Recorder application that has an ability to:-
      - Enable/Disable call recording
      - Records all your phone calls
      - Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item
      - Delete recorded items
      - Lock recorded items to prevent from auto-cleaning
      - Share recorded items (only in Pro version)
      - Confirmation dialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that is shown just after the call (only in Pro version).


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